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Dr. Zeng Wotan

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Dr. Zeng Wotan

Bachelor of science, Department of pharmaceutical chemistry, Peking University; Master of science, Department of Biochemistry and molecular biology, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences; doctor of science, associate researcher, licensed pharmacist, deputy chief pharmacist, quality management system auditor, and testing and calibration laboratory auditor of China National Accreditation Committee for conformity assessment. It is mainly responsible for promoting the application of medical genetics, immunology, histology and embryology, and nutrition in the early prevention and control of major chronic diseases, including basic research and development, application, marketing, sales, etc. Proficient in language: Chinese, English and French.

The director of the national human genome Northern Research Center and molecular genetics laboratory is also the head of the quality assurance department. He is under the guidance of academician Shen Yan, associate researcher of functional genomics laboratory, Professor Ma Dalong, technician of protein drug research and development laboratory, Professor Zhou Cheng and technician of Shanghai Unilever pharmaceutical research center.
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