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Yu Lei, MD / PhD

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Yu Lei, MD / PhD

Member of the third Expert Committee of China region of international human gene variation program (HVP)

Zijiang scholar of East China Normal University, director of Institute of Biomedical Engineering and technology, vice chairman / member of China genetic industry standardization technology committee, visiting associate professor of Department of chemical pharmacy and pharmacy and Department of bioengineering, University of Utah. He is a postdoctoral student in the Department of molecular genetics of the University of California, USA, and has nearly 100 specialties at home and abroad

Li led the development of VSVG pseudolentivirus vector, which is the most widely used in scientific research and clinical application. He led the establishment of "innovative life science company" to promote small RNA targeted drugs for liver cirrhosis into clinical trials in the United States. Several technologies including CRISPR / cas9, exosomes, gene therapy and car-t were created

The operation service platform mainly provides car-t clinical leukemia treatment, which belongs to the leading level in China. At present, more than 130 successful cases have been achieved.

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