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Industrialization screening platform of humanized therapeuti

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1、 We have completed the introduction and construction of phage library and its supporting library, built the antibody screening platform for a class of biological agents in Deyang, Western China, and achieved international standards.

2、 For the enterprise to do antibody drug research and development and screening.

3、 Research and development and screening of antibody drugs for biomedical enterprises.

4、 At present, the three products under study are rg155, rg131 and rg147, which are immunomodulatory antibody drugs.

Rg155 is in the early stage of clinical trial. The main clinical application direction of rg155 is immune regulation, treatment of bacterial septicemia and other "immune imbalance" diseases. Currently, rg155 is valued at $5-10 million in anti sepsis treatment. In addition, rg131 and rg147 are immunomodulatory antibody drugs, and their targets are PD-1 and PD-L1, respectively. Merck's anti-pd1 drug (mk-3475), which was approved by FDA last year, is currently estimated to sell $500 million in the first year and may reach $1 billion.

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